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Sea World Orlando

There's no place on Earth like SeaWorld. Where else can you challenge thrill-a-second rides one minute and count the teeth on a shark the next? Feed the dolphins, take in an incredible performance, and just try to stay dry when the world famous Shamu comes a-splashing!SeaWorld takes you on a one-of-a-kind journey to the wonders that exist beyond the ocean’s door. A place where up-close encounters connect you to the energy, excitement, and mystery of the sea and sea life. A world of fascinating days, captivating nights, and exhilarating adventure. Once you’ve been here, you’ll never look at the sea and its incredible inhabitants the same way again.

Sea World Orlando Tickets

Purchase your discount Sea World Tickets from a wide selections of tickets. Relax and spend an entire fun filled day at Sea World Orlando. Experience the amazing Worlds of Discovery at SeaWorld; get up-close and personal with your favorite sea animals, which include Dolphins and Whales. At Sea World Orlando you explore all the mysteries of the sea. We offer a full selection of discount Tickets. You can purchase combo tickets with other theme parks included or just a ticket for admission to SeaWorld. More information about all Sea World Adventures and tickets are given below.

Seaworld Orlando Tickets
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The Shamu Adventure

What's beneath those gentle waves at Sea World Orlando? Creatures that call the sea their home. At Sea World Orlando meet Shamu, the regal prince of the deep. See the underside of the beluga whale from underneath. When you get up close, you see things better. And understand the things you see.


Manta is a next-generation mega-attraction that combines the best of the sea and sky. It will immerse you in the mysterious world of rays, then take you on the ride of your life aboard a manta-inspired flying roller coaster. Soar headfirst like a ray aboard this unparalleled experience only SeaWorld could create.


It's just you and the monster. Over 4,000 feet of track, speeds of 65 miles an hour, 7 inversions and extreme g-forces over water and underground. Dare to tame the beast, Kraken only at Sea World Orlando!Remember the monster under your bed? Well, it grew up. Born from tales that struck terror in sailors for centuries, SeaWorld’s mighty Kraken is a monster coaster like no other. Consistently ranked one of the world’s top 10 coasters by ride enthusiasts, Orlando’s tallest, fastest, and only floorless steel coaster rises high above the horizon, daring you to take it on.This mythological underwater beast has been unleashed to lift you higher, drop you longer, and spiral you faster than any other coaster in Orlando. All without that piece of equipment standard on lesser coasters: a floor. Height Requirement: 54 inches


Shamu, the mighty ruler of the ocean will take you on a breathtaking journey of curiosity and wonder in a sensational all-new-show! Enjoy acrobatics, music, and live video footage as the all-new Shamu show raises to all-new heights! At the heart of every being lies a spirit of wonder. Feel it come to life in our most sensational show ever. Believe. A captivating and visually stunning new Shamu show that transports your heart to the edge of wonder. Only at SeaWorld.

Blue Horizons

Here you can celebrate all the vibrancy of cities by the sea, or immerse yourself in an underwater circus where gravity and grandeur perform together. Even the animals at Seaworld get into the act, like in Blue Horizons - an ALL-NEW to Sea World Orlando, vivid theatrical experience, featuring acrobatic dolphins and whales, soaring birds and spirited performers.

Journey To Atlantis

Brave the plummets and perils of Sea World's extraordinary water-coaster, Journey to Atlantis. Traveling on water and high-speed rails, you'll be chased by spirits who want to keep Atlantis - and you - for their own! You'll never know what's around the next corner or the next drop - even when it's 60 feet, nearly straight down.The first splash is just the beginning. Brave twists, turns, and watery falls of mythical proportions as you explore the mysterious, lost city of Atlantis aboard this thrilling water coaster ride. Journey along a dark, watery passageway through this sunken city guarded by sirens, whose fury casts riders out on some of the steepest, wettest plunges you’ll find, sending you racing out of the gates of this ill fated utopian paradise.Journey to Atlantis is the future of thrill rides. It combines the best parts of water rides and roller coasters, and adds amazing special effects for an experience that’ll leave you soaked and running back for more. Height Requirement : 42 inches

Frozen Arctic Wonderland

This icy habitat is home to four species of penguins: king, gentoo,chinstrap and rockhopper. The air is a chilly 30 degrees and the water an icy 45 degrees. 6,000 pounds of snow fall daily inside the naturalistic habitat at Sea Wolrd. The habitat is reminiscent of the primitive Antarctic with its rocky cliffs and icy waters.You'll enter a frozen wonderland with walls of ice nearly a half-inch thick. Exploring this multi-level ecosystem, you'll encounter abundant Arctic animal life seemingly drawn to the old ship. This includes coming face-to-face with real walruses, beluga whales, and two famous polar bears named Klondike and Snow. Height Requirement : 42 inches

Shamu's Happy Harbor Rides

Fun for the whole pod. Shamu’s Happy Harbor is just the sort of place that proves there’s never been a cooler time to be a kid. The family-friendly Shamu Express—a great first coaster—and imaginative rides like Jazzie Jellies and Swishy Fishies bring out the kid in everyone. Even toddlers have a special play area thoughtfully designed just for them.Shamu’s Happy Harbor rides and attractions include the following:

Shamu Express

Modeled after SeaWorld's famous killer whale, this family-oriented roller coaster will gently thrill you and your children in killer-whale-themed cars. The whole family can ride Shamu. Height requirement: 38 inches

Sea Carousel

Adding a clasical element to Shamu's Happy Harbor, a marine-themed masterpiece topped by a behemoth 45-foot-wide pink octopus. Riders board a colorful collection of 65 sea creatures including giant exotic fish, sea lions, otters, sharks and dolphins, and "float" up and down as the carousel revolves to the sounds of the sea. Height requirement: 42 inches

Jazzy Jellies

This jellyfish-themed ride will lift and spin you and your family for a great view of Happy Harbor. Height requirement: 42 inches

Swishy Fishies

This teacup ride lets your adventurous youngsters to sit in over-sized seats while they spin around a giant waterspout. Height requirement: 42 inches

Pirate’s Nets

Four stories of pirate nets connected with tunnels and slippery slides. Fun for youngsters and big enough for parents to enjoy, too.

Ocean Commotion

A fanta-“sea” themed enormous 19-foot tug boat, will take 24 riders at a time on a swinging boat ride, gently rocking back-and-forth and whirling side-to-side. Height requirement: 42 inches

The Flying Fiddler

A giant, bright-red fiddler crab with illuminated eyes that move, fills its belly with 12 children and adults and lifts them to more than 20 feet in the air. At the height of the moment, the Flying Fiddler begins jumping in a vertical descent in a quick series of short drops, sure to bring elated faces of surprise and delight. Height requirement: 42 inches

Seaworld Orlando Tickets
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Reflections comes to life in a spectacular celebration of soaring fountains and dazzling fireworks. Through the thrilling and inspirational music of our most popular shows, families and friends will experience a wondrus connection that lights the night like neve before. Also new this year is seating at Bayside Stadium that will allow audiences to watch the show in comfort. Please note that this is a seasonal show and typically performed during Sea World After Dark and holiday seasons. Please check for show times and schedules to see if this show is listed as playing during the time of your visit.

Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island

Take a break for laughter and watch Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island A swashbuckling adventure awaits you ... featuring a sensational tale of lost loot, pirate plunder and misadventure on the high seas.SeaWorld's comical flippered family teams up on the most elaborate and realistic sea lion set ever built to offer more guest interaction. Hilarious hijinks ensue as the park's talented sea lions, otters, and walrus play along as the members of a stranded pirate ship search for buried treasure.


"Alure, The Call of the Ocean" tells the spectacular tale of the Sea Sirens, whose hypnotic calls have lured fisherman into their underwater lairs for centuries. It's a mariner's story that comes to life with flying athletic performers, gravity-defying aerial tumblers and amazing silk yo-yo artists. This aquatic and visual tapestry unfolds on a massive stage at Nautilus Theater.

Pets Ahoy

Animals are comedians, too. This hilarious show features the talents of a menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, rats, skunks, potbellied pigs, and other animals performing a series of amazing skits. You’ll see more than 100 animal athletes show off their soaring, flipping, jumping, high-wire walking, dune buggy riding, and other skills — all with a comical twist.Most impressive is that nearly all of these four-legged celebs were rescued from animal shelters before they found their fame at SeaWorld. At the end of every show, you will have an opportunity to meet some of these remarkable animals and their trainers.

Shamu Rocks

Shamu Rocks the world is a rock n' roll concert staring SeaWorld's Killer whales. This seasonal show is a rock n´ roll concert of unprecedented proportions combining improvisational movements of killer whales with music remixed with some of the hottest rock stars in the industry.

Sea Lions Tonight

SeaWorld’s popular Sea Lion comedy duo takes the laughs into the night. Hilarious hijinks ensue in this evening show as the park’s talented sea lions, otters and walrus parody other favorite SeaWorld shows.

Elmo and Abby's Treasure Hunt

Sesame Street's newest neighbor, Abby Cadabby, is the star of this fun musical show featuring Elmo, Cookie Monster, Rosita and Grover. Abby and her Sesame Street friends will embark on a treasure hunt adventure as they search for clues to open a talking treasure trunk. Along the way, they'll encounter a singing tree, a rhyming rock, a shouting toucan and more. As they find the clues to unlock the trunk, they explore their treasures and open their minds to a world of imagination. This is a seasonal show, so please check to see if it showing during your stay.

Seaworld Orlando Tickets
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Kennedy Space Center

America's space program comes to life when you visit The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

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Disney World Tickets
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Gatorland has been a vacation destination for millions of visitors from all over the world with its incredible display of huge alligators and crocodiles, train ride, aviary, breeding marsh and bird sanctuary, petting zoo, nature walk, gift shop, and one-of-a-kind shows.


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